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What works best in astrology?
Explore your ideas with 24 charts

Abstract -- In 1979 a group of astrologers in New Zealand decided to explore the merits of different approaches to chart interpretation in a new way. They obtained from reputable textbooks the topics said to be visible in birth charts, arranged them into paired opposites such as X and not X, and gave them to 135 subjects (mostly in New Zealand but also in Australia and Canada) for self-assessment, and also to a close friend of each subject for an independent assessment. This data was then reduced to 24 subjects who, unlike the average person, were definitely one thing or the other on each of 15 paired descriptions. This was the data that the astrologers planned to explore. Unfortunately data collection took much longer than expected and the data was never used. It was retrieved especially for this website to encourage exploration as originally planned. Exploration can be made by any reader who can calculate and interpret birth charts. Their responses are analysed and posted anonymously at the end of the article. What works best in astrology? So far nine responses with an exploration time ranging from 3 to 12 hours. Analysis reveals no consistent variation in correct choices with difficulty, confidence, technique or experience. But the number of responses is still very small. More responses are needed before a proper analysis can be made. Watch this space...

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