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Ways of knowing
A swim in the shark-infested waters dividing science and spirit

Geoffrey Dean

A slightly expanded version of an article in Pulsar 8, 2-8, Winter 1991-92.

Abstract -- A simplified and nontechnical exploration for the general reader of the divide between science and spirit, and of ways of knowing. Most astrologers claim that astrology encompasses both the material and spiritual planes. The spiritual approach removes doubt because none is possible, which to some people is comforting. By contrast, the scientific approach demands tests and emphasises doubt, which to some people is far from comforting. There are several recognised ways of knowing (intuition, experience, authority, deduction, induction, and science). The trick is to distinguish between knowledge and belief, which are not the same, just as facts and values are not the same. Astrologers tend to look at astrology from a value viewpoint and conclude that it works. Critics tend to look at astrology from a factual viewpoint and conclude the opposite. Beware the difference. 12 references.

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