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Correlation 1981-, APP 1982-, AinO 1977-, Kosmos 1978-
Of Correlation, APP, and (briefly) AinO, Kosmos

Abstract -- Lists the contents of astrological research journals Correlation 1981-2007 published by the Astrological Association, the now defunct Astro-Psychological Problems 1982-1995 published by Francoise Gauquelin, and (in brief outline only) Astrologie in Onderzoek [Astrology under Scrutiny] and its precursors 1977-2003 published in the Netherlands, and Kosmos published in the USA. The first three are the world's only peer-reviewed astrological journals focussing on scientific research. Research into astrology was at its peak in the 1980s and 1990s. Many of the studies published by these journals were not directly relevant to what astrologers do in everyday practice, and none of the studies found effect sizes commensurate with astrological claims. Nevertheless the contents illustrate the topics then being investigated and a level of scientific interest in astrology that (in view of the negative results) will most likely never arise again. Includes descriptive commentaries, pictures of representative journal covers, plots of page counts per issue, and excerpts from editorials.

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