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Sun Signs

Astrologer meets client Tricks of the trade. With 10 cartoons 12m
Astrology my passion My life, my disaster. A true story 15m
Basic statements about astrology Revising a 1983 consensus 25m
Concepts of modern astrology All are problematic 90m
Horary astrology A brief but telling critique 3m
Moment Supreme Why astrologers keep on believing 12m
Murder Astrologers rated these killers as good guys 10m
Optimum place for astrology A tool not a source of knowledge 7m
Theories of astrology A comprehensive survey 25m
Using astrology as a counselling tool Strategies that work 70m


Astrology File Famous sun sign hype has fatal defects 30m
Astrology Really Works! This one really doesn't 10m
Astrology, Science and Culture Postmodern futility 25m
Cosmos and Psyche The well-travelled road to disaster 25m
Self-defence / Case for A Two militant books self-destruct 15m


Tests and
See also

Artifacts in data Often wrongly seen as evidence for astrology 10m
Artifacts in reasoning Hidden persuaders make astrology work 10m
Astro sleuthing contests Aim was consensus 15m
Competitions in astrology Results including the superprize 65m
Effect sizes How astrology compares with other approaches 10m
Four key topics Testing, concepts, theories, reasoning artifacts 7m
Meta-analyses of nearly 300 empirical studies 15m
Phillipson interview of researchers Methods, results, problems 2h
Projection Why birth charts are like tarot cards 15m
Research results 91 abstracts from Correlation, APP, AinO, Kosmos 85m
Truth of astrology Competition entries illustrate faulty reasoning 25m
Vested interests 1, scientific integrity 0 Correlation today 20m
What tests are easy? A guide for students doing projects 8m
What works best in astrology? Explore ideas with 24 charts 7m


The Gauquelin work 1 A concise history with pictures 50m*
The Gauquelin work 2 Opinions, artifacts, puzzles, 14 figures 45m*
The Gauquelin work 3 Response to Ertel et al, 4 figures 25m
Francoise Gauquelin 1929-2007 Two tributes with pictures 15m*


Alan Leo's tests of astrology 1906-1914 Proof of its truth? 20m
Astrology should be encouraged Prize-winning reasons in 1907 4m
Chair of Astrology Predictions in 1999 about Sophia Centre 25m
Concerning the vanity of astrology Flamsteed's 1674 criticism 5m
Evolution of claimed evidence for astrology 1850-1976 20m*
Obituary of H.J.Eysenck His work in fringe areas incl astrology 15m
How astrology can help everyday life Digest of a 1984 booklet 5m
Indian scientists on Vedic astrology 30 views for and against 15m
Origins of Recent Advances in Natal Astrology 3 interviews 20m
Patron of research A tribute to Charles Harvey 1940-2000 12m
Sextus Empiricus's critique of astrology Circa 200 AD 15m
Value of astrology Wordy views from a 1910 symposium 20m

to Scientific

With reply

Are scientists undercover astrologers? Some A's think so 20m
Astrologer attacks researchers Summary of a long exchange 15m
On Rebunking the Debunkers Flawed anti-research ploys 20m
Star Wars Astrologers react to negative findings 20m

and Facts
vs Values

Astrology as religion The spiritual dimension of astrology 4m
Astrology between religion and science Which fits best? 7m
Guinard's Manifesto Is astrology a psychic phenomenon? 12m
Rhetoric Satirical guide for astrologers by philosophers 2m
Views of modern philosophers Mostly bad news for astrology 12m
Ways of knowing Exploring the divide between science and spirit 12m

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Reader's manifesto Results of competition 2m

Sun Signs

History, controversies, validity Can you devise a test? 45m
Response to above invitation Sun signs are still a delusion 30m
Love signs Fail world's largest tests (N=27m) 12m
Sachs's Astrology File Famous sun sign hype has fatal defects 30m
True Confessions How testing sun signs ruined my love life 1m
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